Dr. Maryann Schaefer


Individual, Marriage & Family Therapy for a Happier, More Satisfying Life.

You do not have to remain entangled in the same old arguments over finances, responsibilities and loyalty.  There is a way to stop the repetition and to resolve the issues. I can help. Together we will develop a plan and set in motion specific steps to address your concerns.

While many people long for a relationship and connections to others, few realize how difficult it can be to find and maintain a loving, bonded relationship.  The vast majority of men and women experience frustration and distress. They repeat the patterns that bring them into unfulfilling relationships with those who are wrong for them, even though they may feel right.  Through individual therapy and relationship counseling, I can help you learn how these very patterns interfere with your finding someone who can work with you to form a loving, nurturing relationship.

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